Earth Day – Every Day #earthgirl #earthday2016

On 23 April 2016 nearly 200 Girl Guides from all over Cape Town took part in a Earth Day Event. The event included a beach cleanup and plastic bottle top art.

The event took place at Big Bay and Muizenberg beaches. All girls who participated received a #earthgirl badge to remind them of the day and the messages received relating to single use plastic and ciggie butts. Our event hopes to highlight plastic pollution, litter, recycling and beach cleanups in Cape Town.

The girls were taught about the damage the ring around the bottle cap does to bird life and other animals. They were taught about straws and starting there. Just say No 😉

The girls were also asked whether their Moms say yes to the packet when buying one veggie,  eg green pepper or tomato. This packet is not necessary as the price sticker can go directly onto the item.

The final item we touched on was the plastic packet. Girls were encouraged to say no to the plastic packet at the till point, especially when their purchase can be carried. They were asked to remind their moms and others they shop with, to avoid the packet. #resolve2refuse
There are wonderful,  re-usable bags available. These have already been introduced in the Girl Guide Shop Tanya and I are setting up with the help of Lesley.  I am also looking into other options. More info to follow.

I have recently been learning about the single use coffee cup and the figures per city. Many cities are now moving to ban. Ban is a strong word I agree, but …
Think about it. John, a corporate in the city, picks up a take out coffee every morning between his car/ bus and the office. 5 days a week. 50 weeks of the year. The travel mug introduced in our Girl Guide shop has been the most popular item so far. Why not? With its environmental benefit we should all have one 😉 #watchthisspace

Finally, we all know that one person (or more) who kills their ciggie where they are and grinds the filter into the ground 😉 The girls were taught to tell Moms, Dads, aunties and uncles to STOP doing that! Put it in your pocket or throw it in the bin.
Washing powder will deal with the smell. It takes the earth forever to deal with your finished cigarette butt. That ciggie you kill outside your local Spar when you get out of your car… (if you dont want to use your ashtray in the car try a 500ml bottle with some water or a old Melrose jar with a lid)
Well, unless its swept up immediately it gets picked up in the next rain, washes into the cities waterways and eventually lands up in the sea.

There are many ways to make small, positive changes to our lifestyles that when done by many, can have a massive impact on the environment. I’m in.

B xx


Teddies, Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers are between 4 and 18. A great way for girls to learn, grow and add value to their communities from a young age. To find your nearest unit or to get involved yourself, please contact:

Girl Guides Cape West

+27  (0) 21  531  1872
9 Central Square,  Pinelands
Office Hours:
Tues – Thursday  9am – 4pm

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