CleanC launches recycling in West Beach

CleanC (NPO) will be launching a recycle collection service in West Beach. The cost is R50 a month or R480 per year. The first phase of the project will roll out in the following streets/ closes/ crescents:
1. Durham Close
2. Cabin Close
3. Conway Close
4. Sandown Road West
5. Buoy Bend
6. Winch Way
7. Windlass Way
8. Sail Street
9. Boom Bend
10. Harbour Close
11. Chart Close
12. Keel Close
13. Marina Crescent

14. Sandown from Warwick

If you or anyone you know are living. Look out for it and sign up 🙂

The project employs 3 men from Joe Slovo and plans to create further employment opportunities as the project develops in the greater Table View / Milnerton areas. I was informed by the project manager Sindiso yesterday that a school for disabled children have been given a chance to do some of the sorting and have enjoyed the experience so far. He mentioned that the children had a sense of purpose being involved in the project.

FYI: The project is already running between Ysterplaat and Milnerton Ridge. Get involved if you are in these areas. Minimum effort required from you – massive difference to the load going to landfill.



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