Keep Cape Town Beautiful!

I have read many posts this week about stompies – seen loads of name and shame posts – arguments about whether a stompie can/ can’t start a fire, etc. I think as society we need to go back to the beginning – besides the fire – it is litter!

Throwing a stompie from a car / dropping it in the street or from experience, next to the bin/ in the sand/ vegetation on a beach – is LITTER! End of story. Stop it man. Cape Town streets are not an ashtray – nor are the beaches… ‪#‎dare2care‬

Cape Town Beach Cleanup across Cape Town tomorrow. See attached flyer for your nearest beach and start times. I’ll be at Big Bay at 10am.‪#‎loveyourbeach‬ ‪#‎loveyourcommunity‬ 

Flick images (2) 10959692_913232592041011_8625165724566273314_n


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