Welcome 2015 – Time to turn ideas into reality!

Happy New Year to everyone on this page! 2015 will be a big year 🙂

Although most suppliers are still closed I am ‘open’. If you’d like to start getting quotes together please email me at pactbusiness4good.com or Twitter/ Skype/ Pinterest/ WordPress/ Instagram – pactonline

My telephone numbers: 0813233103 / 0215565619
I am on whatsapp.

Branded Clothing / Promotional Items / Gifts – starting where I am, with what I’ve got 😉

More info to follow relating to the attached image as well as expanding what the business offers.

From a customer point of view I am looking to connect with schools, sport teams, youth groups, small business owners as well as NPO’s.

From a supplier point of view I am looking to connect with local business. If you have a ‘Made in Cape Town’ product or service – make contact please!

Staff: Are you a freelance sales person looking to expand your range or perhaps a mom like me who would like to achieve financial independence but still be available for our children? In order to grow this year and accomplish the goals I have set, the business needs Sales – it’s not my strength so anyone keen to take on Business Development – speak to me 🙂

Here’s to a New Year, Big Dreams and turning ideas into reality!

💜 Bianca



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