Kids Plastic Bottle Top Art – Big Bay 3 January

Create Art – Create Awareness 🙂

Bring the kids to the Cape Town Beach Cleanup – Big Bay on 3 January and help me create art to create awareness! There are 12 spots open. Registration is free – all I’m asking is that you bring the child if you commit to it or cancel ahead of time to allow another child an opportunity to participate. To book a spot please email Bianca at

I’ve decided to create ‘art’ with the plastic bottle tops collected and this is where the children come in. The art work will feature next year as I aim to sell them via my CT Page: to companies in Cape Town as a fundraiser for Clean C’s 2015 community project: Project FEEL! More news to follow on this.

The 1st Cape Town Beach Cleanup for 2015 will take place at 10am. Children will clean for 45 min and then head back to work on their art. 3 pictures will be created. Children will be split into groups of 4. Children of all ages are welcome to watch although I would say 5 and up to join! All children will get a treat for joining as well as a certificate of thanks for supporting the project.

#daretocare this Summer! Pick it up – Find a Bin – Make an Effort – Cape Town is worth it ❤

Over the past 10 weeks I have collected plastic bottle tops along my everyday path, whether walking to the shop, around my neighbourhood, at the beach, parking lots, the Grand Parade and more. I collected over 100 a week on average this way. Throughout this time I have personally become much more aware of the litter around me. Being involved with Cape Town Beach Cleanup I was aware of plastic pollution on the beaches. This exercise highlighted litter in the community as well. It is interesting to note that a large majority of the litter I have collected in the community is usually picked up within 10m max from a bin. I have come to the conclusion that in general, society does not care enough to throw litter in the bin. I have also often heard people refer to litter as ‘job creation’. In other words, someone else can do it!

On the beaches I have been involved in cleanup’s that have shocked me, angered me and moved me to tears and a sense of hopelessness. From plastic washed up at Melkbos – so much that it sits in small mountains on the beach to micro plastic (tiny pieces, broken up by sun, some not bigger than a pin head) that required us to use brooms/ rakes, etc to place in stacks so we could pick it up. As far as the eye can see and further… There is a major problem out there. It is a world problem. One of my goals for 2015 is to bring awareness to litter – particularly in oceans and waterways as well as communities.

Greg has also collected caps and lids for me. Thousands have come from a recycling project at Fish Hoek Primary that he is running through the NPO Greg is the founder of Cape Town Beach Cleanup and Clean C. He is hoping to extend this recycling initiative to more schoolS in 2015. The children have done really well, learned a lot and made some money for their school. If you would like to get your school involved please get in touch with Greg. Whether you are a learner, teacher or parent, make contact 🙂 Thanks to Greg and the parents and children from Fish Hoek Primary.

For more information or to contact Greg Player directly please see:


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